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Please Read Our Terms of Service Below

Our Proxy Server is free and provides the same features as most paid proxy sites, including SSL, FTP, HTTP, etc.. In order to ensure that our proxy site runs optimal at all times, we ask that you follow the below Terms of Service in regards to our proxy server.

1) Do not use our proxy for any type of illegal activities. Such as harassment, downloading of copyrighted material or anything else that is against your local laws and U.S. laws.

2) Using bots on our proxy is prohibited. Anyone found using a bot via our proxy, will be banned from this proxy and all other VideoProxies.com owned sites.

3) We do not allow our proxy to be used with any type of site that is associated with RapidLeach or any type of other free download site. Anyone using our proxy for such, will be banned.

4) Anyone caught clicking our ads on any of our proxies that is deemed against Google's Adsense TOS, will be banned.

5) No hyperlinking to our proxy content. You may link our home page of our site, but hyperlinking proxy content will result in a ban of your website and users will be redirected to No Proxy Hyperlinking page.

In short, do not use our proxy for anthing that you would not use on your own computer. Our site is meant for privacy, not for use of illegal activites. Anyone caught by our team will ban hostnames and IP's. Any abuse complaits, should be mailed to abuse@videoproxies.com